IES "Ramón y Cajal" is located on the right hand bank of the Segura river, in an area called "Infante Don Juan Manuel" and next to a shopping centre, the "city of transport" and the new Palace of Justice. Near our school we can find two other secondary schools, the Auditorium and Palace of Congresses, the firefighter department, the Municipal Police Station, the Municipal Swimming-pool and several Health centres.

Our school was opened in the school year 1979-80 with vocational courses, as a delegated section of the current school "Miguel de Cervantes" in Murcia, in rooms that were located on the second floor of "Licenciado Cascales" school. In the school year 1980-81 it started to work as an independent school in "Infante Don Juan Manuel school". Then, in the school year 1989-90 it moved, for space reasons, to our current location in 13, Colegio Procuradores Región de Murcia Street. The school, which has four buildings in 11,000 square metres, was called IFP no. 2 of Murcia at the time.

Finally, in the school year 1992-93 it changed its name to IFP "Ramón y Cajal", and we started teaching secondary education in 1995-96, becoing then a IES (Secondary Education School). In 1996-97 we started offering vocational courses at intermediate and high levels.